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From ex - Job Seeker to Specialist Retail Food Manager

I attended FIGSOL’s Liminal Resilience programme in October 19th 2015. I found it really interesting, as it was different from any other courses aimed at helping people get back into work that I had attended before. It wasn’t a typical classroom type experience, but involved a lot of physical group activities, with the emphasis on teamwork and problem solving.

I had been out of paid employment for a while (although volunteering) and was lacking in confidence about applying for jobs.

I was on my local borough’s Drug Intervention Programme. I had a severe alcoholic and drug problem. Just a week before starting the FIGSOL programme, I had suffered from a relapse. Being referred to FIGSOL was the best move of my life but a real frightening one. I was advised that the programme was about being in touch with your inner self. Solse, the director had noticed this and took me to one side and encouraged me ‘it was all going to work out’.

The training for the first 8 weeks helped me to assess my own life and skills, to look deeper within myself and confirm the interests and to determine what sort of work I should apply for.

Following the end of the initial programme, the FIGSOL team for the remaining 13 weeks applied an intensive coaching method plan for me and approached various specialist companies to arrange job interviews for me. They also used in house experts to aid interview skills and tips and changed my daunting CV to the STAR CV level. This was a great help and a confidence booster, which got me guaranteed interviews with employers, who had seen my CV and was interested in hiring me.

On the 3 June 2016, I started work with a major food retailer and I really love the job. Within two weeks of starting the role, I have been promoted to a managerial position.

I would like to thank the FIGSOL team and all their associates for their hard work in getting me into an interesting, well paid job with good prospects. But most of all, a special thank you to Solse for improving my once declining lack of confidence and self-esteem. I received power calls every week and was able to disclose my innermost concerns and fears over time with Solse in such a non judgemental environment. Solse has the ear to change how you think of yourself.

I end in saying, the coaching and solutions aftercare is a serious thing with FIGSOL. Even now being employed, FIGSOL are my coaching experts, so receiving constant support and advocacy until no longer needed shows how much FIGSOL’s cares.

I know I can rely on you for support.

I would wholeheartedly recommend FIGSOL’s training courses to anyone looking to improve their mental and physical confidence, life skills and aims to Further your Individual Growth.

Kevin Mooney