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A gradual growth to understanding myself!

I would never have travelled the 50 miles from Milton Keynes if I didn't believe that this course did something for me. It wasn’t just the workshop but the feeling / metamorphosing into someone new. I'm a firm believer if you feel the emotion associated with a specific action then you’re doing what you supposed too. But so was Solse, his warm ups, improvisations, understanding and awareness scenarios were all geared up to overcoming inhibition and moving towards your purpose.

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Mind Opener!

I was scared at first about attending workshops, but when I did, it really helped me bring down my grid locked barriers, released all my inhibitions and allowed me to connect with my inner fear, what I had always been running away from. Now I am a new person, my past in no longer my future! My group were so deep and personal. Love you all. It’s a family. Can't wait for what lies ahead for my future now!

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Simply Stylish and Amazing

Workshops and coaching were absolutely great. Their presentation was beneficial in providing a clear yet simple way of communicating image and styling especially as young women. You were able to freely able to approach the team about their inner personal styling issues which were great; we most certainly would recommend this workshop /coaching to all our clients and hope to work with them in the future again.

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From ex - Job Seeker to Specialist Retail Food Manager

I attended FIGSOL’s Liminal Resilience programme in October 19th 2015. I found it really interesting, as it was different from any other courses aimed at helping people get back into work that I had attended before. It wasn’t a typical classroom type experience, but involved a lot of physical group activities, with the emphasis on teamwork and problem solving.

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Deeper within myself!

'I wanted to look deeper within myself in order to find and awaken the best parts of me. This program interested me because it is something I've never come across, but everything I need in my life; especially now.

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Event was amazing!

I was invited by chance and did not really know what to expect, however it completely exceeded more than I could have imagined. The facilitator’s openness and approach-ability was infectious and really set a great forum for others to be feeling emotionally secure and completely open. The advice, group assertions and personal journeys shared within the group were very empowering.

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