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Exodus Journey

Drawing on all principles of the Four Pathways, Creative Journal and Personal Brand Storyboard courses, the Exodus Journey runs through 12 month sequences of each training programme exercise, transporting participants from one personal development dimension to another.

course5We start by focusing on your past and present, exploring feelings in the immediate present and those which present barriers from your past.

We then step back to take in a panoramic view of your entire life up to now.

You will examine your own image and identity, coming face to face with feelings and beliefs that form the very foundation of who you are and how you experience life.

You will explore the many facets and dimensions of your personality and private inner reality. This includes taking inventory, assessing inner resources and identifying changes you want to make.

After focusing on the diverse aspects of yourself, you will then put it all together to realise the whole person that you are, and the person you could be, enabling you to open up and reach your full potential in your life and career.

Being uniquely you in the way that you wish to perceived is your key to success.

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