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Social Mobility Development

“Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not.” Lord Holmes

Creating a Social Mobility Employer accreditation for employers, increasing online learning opportunities and promote the quality of vocational training schemes are some of the key ways UK businesses and government can boost the uptake of apprenticeship and work-based study, and fuel greater social mobility among the country's youth.

The opportunity to be able to reach your full potential, regardless of your background, is fundamental in creating a progressive and stable society.

By the end of this course you will know how to:

  • socialmobilityDefine Social Mobility
  • Recognise Talent
  • Have a input in Social Mobility Employer accreditation
  • Define careers advice in understanding and, ideally, experience of vocational education
  • Define online learning/ quality online learning programmes
  • Be a strong role model and leader to inspire young people
  • Define soft skills
  • Define and create Apprenticeships opportunities

Who should attend?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility staff
  • HR Managers

Is this course accredited?

  • No, but a certificate can be provided for CPD purposes upon request.

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“If you don’t see anyone in high
positions that look like you,
you cannot see yourself there.” Lord Holmes