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Improving Employee Performance

The goal of this training program is to enable the manager to close the gap between how their employees currently perform and how they need to perform to meet company objectives.


Specific objectives can include sales goals, improved retention rates and increased personal training participation, however, increased profitability is the ultimate goal.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Spend less time solving problems, correcting behaviours, answering questions and assisting employees with job responsibilities
  • Have employees that feel valued and understand that they can impact upon the success of the organisation
  • Foster employee loyalty, leading to better staff retention and active participation in developing the business
  • Have positive interpersonal interactions with your staff
  • Have staff that work more efficiently, creatively and 
  • Be intrinsically motivated
  • Understand that emotional intelligence (EQ) is key to understanding and working effectively with others

Who should attend?

Managers or team leaders who

  • are finding it difficult to motivate and get the best out negative team members
  • need to review their own behaviours and abilities in order to improve the performance of their teams
  • have an interest in developing their empathy and sensitivity or find people who are different from them challenging
  • Wish to balance our the different personalities within a team and play to people's strengths

Is this course accredited?

  • No, but a certificate can be provided for CPD purposes upon request.

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