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Liminal Resilience

FIGSOL CIC supports the hardest to reach in society. Our Liminal Resilience training programmes help ex-offenders, the homeless, substance misusers, the long term unemployed and other disenfranchised individuals resettle back into the social fabric of society by focusing on their emotional stability, transparency and resilience.


Standard education and training provision is too structured and conformist for these individuals and all too often fails to provide sufficient engagement or stimulation. Our programmes can sit alongside vocational training provision to ensure long lasting positive change.

We aim to support vulnerable individuals through the use of psychometric testing and liminal coaching. Linked to this will be experiential learning to support the individual to identify their barriers and challenge their behaviours. This will include a plan to identify their individual steps and goals and make positive behavioural changes in their lives, thus enabling them to enter sustainable employment.

We use highly qualified staff and the training techniques used for course delivery to senior business managers. Our vision is to ensure that hard to reach individuals have the best quality investment normally reserved for the commercial sector.

We ensure that every client has two MTQ48 reports to show distance travelled over the programme. These reports are individual to each learner and are measured by Hull University as a National data set.

By the end of these courses participants will: 

  • Understand what socially acceptable norms of behaviour are
  • Identify their barriers and challenge their own behaviour patterns
  • Develop basic resilience skills and build a resilience plan
  • Be better able to resist peer pressure and make informed decisions
  • Learn to view setbacks, adversity and change as challenges
  • Make positive behavioural changes in their lives

Who should attend? 

  • Ex-offenders, the long term unemployed or anybody looking for emotional, social and mental resiliance, reintegtration into society or to cope better with the pressures of social life

Is this course accredited?

  • This course can be offered as unaccredited or tailored to work alongside our accredited employability courses