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Liminal Coaching

We specialise in providing unsual methods of coaching and solutions. 

Our coaching is about you and exploring and focusing on your innermost concerns and intrusive issues. Coaching is not about teaching you, but rather facilitiating your own learning and growth. It is less focused on the past and future, but focuses on the here and now, on you and your personal development.

personalcoachingPerhaps you're:

  • Recently bereaved, going through a relationship break-up or trauma and finding it difficult to focus on work or day to day life
  • Stuck, bored, and unfulfilled in your current job role?
  • Signs of past traumatic intrusions showing?
  • Concerned about staff retention
  • Facing a mid-life crisis or significant change in your life
  • Sabotaging relationship problems with current/ex partner?
  • Direct/ Indirect work place bullying or harrasment?

If you have experienced any of the above then please read on...

How will coaching meet my needs?

Our coaching is about focusing on solutions after identifying the need. The need is where you have to work with us and more importantly, within yourself, to truly discover the solutions you need in order to reshift your life.

As Steve De Shazer put it best, ‘Problem talk creates problems, solutions talk creates solutions’

Thus, our focus is to ensure that we provide the best coaching and solution packages based on your own unique experience.

What does coaching involve?

1. Personal engagement

Self observation exercises and talking therapy to make you become aware of your ‘current way of being’ in your coaching topic, what it enables and what it limits. You will see results of presenting insights and behaviours in your topic

2. Meeting with your coach until the programme is complete

Discussing what you are learning in your exercise and practices, building upon this learning and the next cycles of your development objectives and to complete the coaching programmer and prepare going forward and beyond.

3. Being true to yourself in order to compete and be complete

Our coaching encourages you to look into the depth of your own soul and not to be afraid to tackle the deeper inner painful feelings you have archived away within your Inner Self Protection Box.

All clients are provided with workbook guides, assessement training sheets and a bespoke coaching programme.

Is coaching for me?

Coaching is suitable for individuals from all walks of life and at any age. Many people seek coaching to enhance their work performance, but it can be a useful tool to help you deal with past, traumatic experiences, relationship problems, career options or simply to reshape your life as you may feel stuck in a rut. In addition...

  • Although every aspect of your life is basically healthy and successful and even though you have been consistently creating exciting new possibilities, you may realise that in the process your attention has become spread out and distracted as you focus (on many fronts)
  • You have been losing energy and passion and you notice that you are often now 100% present.
  • You are not only satisfied with the results you are getting from your work, creatively or financially
  • You are suffering from inner, traumatic regressed state of disassociation which at times leaves bitter intrusive scars in your life.

Also, you may

  • Want to live more deeply
  • Want to show up more passionately, creatively, enjoyably, effectively and consistently
  • Want to connect more with the bigger purpose of your life
  • Want to become more focused, present, connected and clear
  • Want to leverage your time and energy to produce better tangible financial and practically results whilst maintaining a balanced life

What results will I see?

The results will very much depend upon you. Coaching is controlled and led by you with structured guidance from an experienced practitioner.

  •     learn how to stay and (return to) to the present moment and less prone to dwell in the future
  •     become better able to stay connected to your power source development (somatically, energetically and emotionally)
  •     increase living in a high octave of slow and engagement with your inner trusting self

What is liminal coaching?

Liminal coaching is where you go through a transition from one space to another space, letting go of everything that is holding you back. It is a form of coaching that takes you straight to the heart of the matter and encourages you to face your inner demons head on. It is not for the faint hearted, but promises effective and long lasting results.

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