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Trauma, Loss and Bereavement Coaching

Recently suffered a bereavement, trauma, abuse or relationship breakup? Perhaps you have recently lost a parent or both, with an employer that gives you a week off and is fairly unforgiving if you lose your focus for a while. This is where our Crash and Seatbelt programmes can help. Trust us, we've been there!


The CRASH syndrome

At the height of your career, something happens that throws you off course both in your career and your life. This catapults to all various types of emotional, mental and physical distractions. You may seek professional help which makes you feel worse as it opens up old wounds; you may turn to alcohol or drugs; you may feel isolated and depressed..  what do you do and who do you turn too?

The SEATBELT syndrome

You are at peak of your career, and so believe that you are in control of everything in your life. Something that you have archived deep away doesn't need to be touched. You are in control. Then something happens to trigger the event and it stops you in your tracks.

If a CRASH syndrome were to happen to you right now what solutions would you have in place? Who would be there to help you pick up the pieces? Your employer? Your colleagues? Family? Would they understand?

Many executives are so immersed in their daily tasks that they crash and burn without advance warning. Our specialisms are focused in the re-affirmation of the personal self We are not counsellors or therapists. Coaching is about enabling you to continue the journey that you are on by providing you with re-engineering strategies and solutions to help you tackle and control any personal issues whilst remaining confident and resilient in your professional career. In a sense, you will learn to effectively compartmentalise at work and keep your eye on the ball.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect to be met with kindness and compassion. The kind of questions you are asked and the intention in asking them will very often set the tone of our relationship.

At the core of Liminal Coaching is the idea that you are a human being, not a set of symptoms. We listen deeply to get a sense of who you are. We want to get a sense of the conditions operating in your life and how you organise your life around these conditions.

Course session

Over the course of 10-12 sessions, we work with you towards your development. We support your commitment to building lasting competence, fulfilment and happiness. Over time, as mutual trust is established, we create a space is created where mutual advocacy becomes possible.

Ultimately, the aim is to reorientate you and get you back on track. In fact, many people going through the programme find that they see an improvement in performance at work as their life takes on new meaning.

Contact us for further details about our Crash and Seatbelt Coaching