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Government services are ultimately paid for by the tax payer and FIGSOL recognises the importance of accountable, cost effective, time efficient and target driven services that meet public demands.

Our coaching and training services can work for any government or public sector organisation by:

  • Improving overall staff wellbeing and welfare

  • Empowering your staff to find solutions rather focus upon their problems

  • Increasing efficient ways of working with less stress and greater output

  • Developing a positive, can-do approach

  • Enabling teams to meet individual and organisational targets

  • Enabling staff to accept, learn from and actively thrive in a constantly changing environment

  • Developing individual liminal resiliance, for example to cope with complex casework

  • Offering team building days and activities 

In additon we offer a job brokerage and employability service, having recently worked for the DWP to get long term, unemployed clients into work. We can work with your hard to reach clients by offering a range of coaching and training programmes that work towards social integration, employment outcomes and positive societal relationships.

Please contact us for further details about any of our services or courses.