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FIGSOL has created a unique learning programme for schools. Too often, school pupils who are identified as either being disruptive in class, have non attendance or have dropped in their educational performance have very few measureable options for long term solutions to get them back on trackinto mainstream education. Working with a PRU can be costly and often means that pupils find other young people who distract them even furtherand struggle to go back to their original school. With Moving Up we can offer a cost effective solution to keeping pupils in mainstream education with Robust and Reliable results.

We can offer year 8, 9, 10 or 11 pupils a one month mental resilience programme. This programme will measure every pupils mental resilience before and after the programme and use the very latest experiential learning techniques, such as creating luminal spacing, to produce a measurable increase in the following areas for your school:

• Increased school attendance

• Attainment against specific learning outcomes

• Improved behaviour in the classroom

• Improvement in ability to interact with other pupils and teachers

• Greater perception of the effects and results of bullying

• Adoption of positive behaviours – “can do!”

• Aspirations – seeking to optimise their potential

• Openness to change - transition

• Completion/drop Out– more likely to see things through

We aim to deliver a fully bespoke programme for you meaning the options provided are merely suggestions. If you wish to change timeframes or add one to one pastoral care to help embed changes we can be flexible around you.


FIGSOL CIC supports the hardest to reach in society. Our bespoke training programmes help the ex-offender resettle back into the social fabric of society focusing on their emotional stability, transparency and resilience.

Standard educational provision is too structured and conformist for these customers and often fails to provide sufficient engagement or stimulation.

We aim to support this group through the use of psychometric testing, experiential learning techniques and mentoring. These tools will empower the individuals to make positive behavioural changes in their lives and enable them to enter sustainable employment. We support our participants to identify their barriers and challenge their behaviours. This includes a plan to identify their individual steps and goals.

We can also offer employment skills training and support including digital literacy, jobsearch, CV writing and interview techniques.

In addition, we can help with staff training, coaching and development. See our Government sector page for further details.


As a charity you may be looking for improved performance, increased revenues, greater brand awareness and sustainable growth. Through FIGSOL's training and development programmes, we can help you to turn your vision into reality.

As well as offering CSR services to hard to reach individuals, we can offer:

  • Executive and leadership coaching

  • Organisational and personal brand development

  • Innovative and creative journal coaching

  • Mission and values focus and development

  • Accredited courses, short courses and workshops

  • Management training

  • Team building days

Contact us for a free consultation or to discuss any of our services. 


Government services are ultimately paid for by the tax payer and FIGSOL recognises the importance of accountable, cost effective, time efficient and target driven services that meet public demands.

Our coaching and training services can work for any government or public sector organisation by:

  • Improving overall staff wellbeing and welfare

  • Empowering your staff to find solutions rather focus upon their problems

  • Increasing efficient ways of working with less stress and greater output

  • Developing a positive, can-do approach

  • Enabling teams to meet individual and organisational targets

  • Enabling staff to accept, learn from and actively thrive in a constantly changing environment

  • Developing individual liminal resiliance, for example to cope with complex casework

  • Offering team building days and activities 

In additon we offer a job brokerage and employability service, having recently worked for the DWP to get long term, unemployed clients into work. We can work with your hard to reach clients by offering a range of coaching and training programmes that work towards social integration, employment outcomes and positive societal relationships.

Please contact us for further details about any of our services or courses. 


FIGSOL has worked with a number of SMEs, sole traders and business start-ups. All the business we have worked with have been looking for one thing - growth.

Through our coaching and training solutions we can make it happen. FIGSOL can work with you to help you to:

  • Identify your goals, values and aspirations for your business

  • Develop a personal and business brand that translates into an excellent reputation

  • Make more money, work efficiently and get enjoyment from running your business

  • Develop effective partnerships and profitable customers

  • Create a sustainable plan that will ensure that your business continue to grow

  • Put you in touch with a performance peer network of like minded individuals who can guide and mentor you

In addition, through our network of partners, we help you with practical business advice, web design, marketing and more. Contact us today for a free consultation. 


When you research corporate training options, you’re probably looking for something which will resonate with your staff whilst providing long-lasting behavioural impacts, rather than simply giving them an expensive day out of the office which will create a short term buzz and be forgotten about within a matter of weeks.

Improvisation-based training is an impactful and efficient way to develop core business skills including effective listening and communication, leadership and innovation, creativity, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Experiential driven, our methods of training and coaching solutions are proven, non judgemental and collaborative.

Our quick-paced and experiential activities transport people safely out of their preconceptions, comfort zones, habits and fixed thought patterns, to a place where they can start to interact with colleagues in new and refreshing ways.

Whatever your specific objectives and desired outcomes, the underlying principle will be to bring everyone in the room into the moment, focussed, listening and in a heightened state of awareness.

In a saturated corporate training market where everything can appear a bit ‘same old, same old’, here is an approach to personal development which jumps out of the box, and refuses resolutely to get back in.