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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Community Interest Company, FIGSOL CIC is committed to its corporate and social responsibilities. Our profits go directly into helping those individuals in society who need it the most, including ex-offenders, the homeless, NEETS and the long term unemployed.

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Through our Liminal Resilience Programmes and Job Brokerage services we have assisted individuals to face their past experiences and traumas including childhood abuse, domestic violence and substance misuse. We have looked at current patterns of behaviour, identified their root causes and worked on transition through rigorous, intensive training programmes to ensure long lasting results. 

Our main aim to ensure positive social integration which affects all areas of life from work to interpersonal relationships, with real life changing impact for the individual and positive benefits for society as a whole. 

In the past year we have worked with:

  • DWP - placed thirty-five people who have been out of work for the past ten years into employment

  • HMP Woodhill, Onley, Downview - business challenge days to bridge the gap between corporates and the prison system

  • HMP Belmarsh and Mount - access to work programmes with intensive mental resiliance coaching and accredited employability outcomes

  • Homeless charity - mental resiliance coaching and work skill programmes

  • London Borough for Lewisham - worked with 14+ NEETS on mental resiliance and into apprenticeship/ work programmes

  • Twin - provided work experience for foreign students with support for CV writing and employability skills

Want to work with us?

We are able to assist corporate employers with the recruitment of ex-offenders, the long term unemployed and others. As a corporation, business owner or professional you may also like to contribute through our mentoring schemes or business challenge events held within prisons and community workshops. To find out more about our Corporate Social Responsibility or to enquire about any of our projects or services, please contact us