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FIGSOL (Furthering Individual Growth and Solutions) started out with the purpose of ‘hitting the core soul’ in order to reflect real, sustainable change.

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Our Mission

Our mission is measured in our core values.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to pursue sustainable business growth in line with client demand whilst adopting socially responsible business practices, respecting ethical values, the interests of all stakeholders and seeking to respect and preserve the natural environment.

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Our Team

FIGSOL CIC prides itself on sourcing the best providers in the industry to deliver for our clients. The necessity for a cultural fit is our first priority followed with specific expertise and a proven track record.
FIGSOL CIC partners and manages a small pool cultural and behavioural change programme providers.

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Our Customers

FIGSOL CIC works with organisations and individuals looking specifically at behavioural and cultural change and development whether in themselves or from a company perspective.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a Community Interest Company, FIGSOL CIC is committed to its corporate and social responsibilities. Our profits go directly into helping those individuals in society who need it the most, including ex-offenders, the homeless, NEETS and the long term unemployed.

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