Peak Performance

FIGSOL's performance coaching, management and training can take you to the next level, whether in your business or personal life.

Personal Brand Storyboard

Your Personal Brand is your Visual Brand Affirmation designed to help you Stand up, Stand out and Shine. It seeks to put the key elements of your Personal Brand in one place – values, strengths, style, skills – so that you are free to be the best and most profitable version of yourself

People Strategy

In order to gain the most value from your investment, we can help your organisation create an in-house sustainable development programme to help you acquire Investor's in People status.

Endless Possibilities

What will tomorrow bring? We make every tomorrow full of endless possibilities. If your organisation is looking for ‘Real Change’, we can help you find it.

Lasting Results

Through proven psychological principles, our programme ensures higher levels of performance and lasting results within the workplace.

Tailored Coaching

No two individuals are the same, so our one to one coaching sessions are tailored to you, recognising that your home life, past experiences and outside stresses have an effect on the workplace and vice versa

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Performance Coaching
Our methods are based on proven psychological principles. We look into individual differences e.g. personality traits and cognitive abilities.

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Bespoke Training
Our training is tailored to the needs of each individual or organisation, centred around your core values and brand development.

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Personal Branding
Your Personal Brand is your Visual Brand Affirmation designed to help you Stand up, Stand out and Shine. It's all about how people see you.

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CSR Consultancy
Experts in Social Mobility, FIGSOL can help you bridge the gap and achieve your key objectives for your corporate and social responsibility

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Performance Management
If you are looking for higher levels of performance with last results, our performance management solutions are for you.

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Performance Peers
Performance peer groups are a great way to meet and get support from like minded professionals looking to reach peak performance.

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Course Packages
Our range of coaching and training packages can be customised to suit the needs or your organisation with one to one options available.

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Job Brokerage
Our job brokerage service offers tailored, one to one support to individuals who have previously faced multiple barriers to employment.

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Welcome to FIGSOL

We believe everyone has the potential to succeed, whether it’s in the world of business or life itself. Unfortunately, not everyone reaches their potential or knows how to. This is why FIGSOL have a skilled team of dedicated individuals ready to help you unlock and develop that ability inside of you.

When you research corporate training options, you’re probably looking for something which will resonate with your staff whilst providing long-lasting behavioural impacts, rather than simply giving them an expensive day out of the office which will create a short term buzz and be forgotten about within a matter of weeks.

Improvisation-based training is an impactful and efficient way to develop core business skills including effective listening and communication, leadership and innovation, creativity, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Experiential driven, our methods of training and coaching solutions are proven, non judgemental and collaborative.

Our quick-paced and experiential activities transport people safely out of their preconceptions, comfort zones, habits and fixed thought patterns, to a place where they can start to interact with colleagues in new and refreshing ways.

Whatever your specific objectives and desired outcomes, the underlying principle will be to bring everyone in the room into the moment, focussed, listening and in a heightened state of awareness.

In a saturated corporate training market where everything can appear a bit ‘same old, same old’, here is an approach to personal development which jumps out of the box, and refuses resolutely to get back in.